Residential Construction Cleaning

A residential construction site - whether it’s a home renovation or a new home build project – is never really finished until it’s been rendered spotless by a professional cleaning team. We have a two-stage cleaning process, which ensures that the site is pristine and ready for client viewing. Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance, which is why we always have a safe work method statement (SWMS) and the appropriate material safety data sheets (MSDS) before we start any work.

What we do

  • Site cleanup and tidy during the build or renovation process
  • Site completion cleanup
  • Wall and edge construction dust removal
  • Fixture and joinery clean
  • Light and fixture clean
  • Complete cleanup to bring site to show home state
  • Window cleaning
  • External pressure washing

At the end of any construction project or renovation there is a huge task of bringing the construction site to a clean state.  Our construction site clean up services are the perfect way to allow you to enjoy the new project without the frustration of cleaning up someone else's mess before you can completely enjoy it.  Whether you are a construction company looking to add the perfect finishing touch with a clean or the owner who wants to ensure the clean is done properly, Somerset Environment is Adelaide's first choice when it comes to cleaning up after a construction project.