Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide

Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide

We understand how important maintaining a clean environment is for businesses in the manufacturing industry – and we also know how crucial it is for production processes not to get interrupted. At Somerset, we’re experienced at cleaning everything from small warehouses to multilevel factories and we will work with you and your management staff on-site to determine the safest, most effective and least disruptive approach and schedule.

What we do

  • Dusting desks, light fittings, walls and ledge
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning of bathrooms
  • Supplying and refilling of bathroom consumables
  • Cleaning of kitchens
  • Supplying and refilling of kitchen consumables
  • Emptying of rubbish
  • Supply and refiling of sanitary disposal units

Somerset Environmental Services provides a complete cleaning solution for businesses in the manufacturing industry. We are capable of cleaning any sized commercial residence and can supply all your kitchen and bathroom consumables. Whether you are a single office and toilet, through to multi-level factories we can accommodate your needs.

As the client you may select any of our other services into your schedule to attain your desired level of cleanliness. Or plan seasonal cleans to maintain areas such as interior/exterior windows and car park. Somerset will be able to tailor a cleaning package that is safe, affordable and professional.